Jumaat, Oktober 08, 2010

Sesi Brainstorming pun Bermula....


Hi guys!!! Hmm.. 2 weeks more before I face the final examination.. Minus 1 week for a study week.. 1 week left then.. Meaning here,I got only half a month here at Puncak Alam before I set up for my Semester Break.. And right now,is the brainstorming session.. Tension,stress,headache,migrain.. That is what I'm facing right now.. Quizzes and test running around me.. So much fact and info to be process.. My mind tired and today broke down.. Hehehe..

I got a test today.. Office Procedure For Administrative Professional 1.. What ever I read I was forgot during the test.. As the result,I don't know what I've write on the paper.. Oh God!! I badly feel that I'll fail for this test.. Adeh! So scary! Tomorrow I'll have Economics Quiz.. Next week,on Monday,I have replacement class at 8.30 a.m until 10.30 a.m for Office Procedure continue with Office Automation class until 12.30 and Quiz 3 for Office Communications For Administrative Professional at 2 p.m until 4 p.m.. God! What a day???!! Then I have a Office Automation Quiz on Wednesday, and bla,bla,bla.. Until Friday I have 2 test before my study week.. Early in the morning,Economics test and Language Enrichment test at 10.30 a.m... Wow! What a great schedule right?? Huhuhu..

This Saturday,I'll rent a car to go around to find house for a rent with my friend.. Trying to find a house that affordable for us to pay.. Around RM400 with fully finish I still can count it.. But if RM600-Rm800 a month,it's to much for us because we need to pay for the bill also.. Why can't the owner consider us as a student? Such a sucks!!! I hate people like this.. Never think about others,all they know is money.. Hello! Money is cannot make sure your life happily ever after okey!! Just look at Late Dato' Sosilawati.. Because of money,she was murdered... Bear that in mind!!! Angry? Yes I am!! Huhuhu...

At this busy time I also remember him.. Hmm.. Miss him so much! Aiyoo!! Still guessing why he suddenly appeared?? Am I doing wrong?? Okey,Nur Safwanah! Drop the topic! Ehehehe... Back to the topic.. This week is brainstorming week.. So,maybe I'll not update this house until I finish my final examination on 10 November 2010.. Wow! So Long.. Huhuhu.. Never mind right?? Hehehe..

All of you must be feel strange why I'm speaking today right?? Nothing actually,it just that I feel like to write in English after so much entry I write in Malay.. hehehe.. Just one way to improve My speaking language because I'm facing problem that I know how write and spell and even I'm so good in composition,comprehension and etc. But I fail when I have to speak.. Huhuhu.. It not that I don't how to pronounce it,but I feel shy and I got what Malay call 'darah gemuruh'.. hahaha.. Funny?? Yeah.. But that is reality.. Okey then.. I'll stop here before all of you feel boring and vomited all over.. Ahaks! Until then,Adios! Wassalam...

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